Volunteer Management

Event Volunteer Administration, Recruitment, Deployment, Planning and Volunteer Management. 

Volunteer services have been a key aspect of our work since our inception and with it we bring a wealth of experience and success in delivery of volunteer strategies, recruitment, management, training and deployment across a wide range of events. The award-winning Coventry Ambassadors Volunteer Programme provides a unique package of motivated, versatile, trained and experienced workforce.

The core role of a Coventry Ambassador Volunteer in supporting events is to:

  • Be friendly, helpful, informative and polite
  • Be an efficient host, offering assistance to all
  • Be an approachable point of contact
  • Deal with a range of enquiries in a confident manner
  • Create a positive impression of your event
  • Be welcome, be polite and be be proud!

Due to the core principles the roles that are mostly undertaken involve customer service, meet & greet, registration and marshalling roles.

Coventry Ambassadors help to ensure your event operates smoothly by being integral to the event operation and being the friendly face of your event.  

Groups of our volunteers have undergone additional training to undertake Team Leader and Co-ordinator roles that will provide a ready-made command structure. 

Our volunteers say:

Good afternoon David The Coventry Ambassadors are unique and an inspiration to all the people we meet and greet. We are like an extended family and we truly gel when we are together. If ever you need any help we will always be there for you.

Worrying is something, that since becoming an Ambassador, I do very little of. I think it is a testament of the scheme and the dedication of people like yourselves that has ensured whatever we face event-wise, we always rise to the challenge.

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