Coventry Young Ambassadors Programme


  • To give primary school children in Coventry leadership opportunities. 
  • To build on the legacy of London 2012 and great the next generation of volunteers
  • To enable children to develop a sense of pride and belonging to Coventry

Through the programme, young people will:

  • Be trained as Coventry Young Ambassadors and represent the city at sporting and cultural events 
  • Learn about Japanese culture and language for Tokyo 2020
  • Engage in a wide of sports with a focus on Olympic and Paralympic sports

The Coventry Young Ambassador Programme has three strands:

  • Coventry Young Ambassador scheme
  • Culture and the arts  (focus on Japan Festival and City of Culture)
  • Sport (Focus on Rugby World Cup, Tokyo 2020, Commonwealth Games 2020)

Events to date

  • Coventry Young Ambassadors Japan conference March 2016. This was attended by over 250 pupils from over 30 Coventry Primary Schools. It was opened by the Embassy of Japan and was supported by over 100 volunteers
  • Training event for staff linked to Coventry Young Ambassadors

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